Paper finishing

All promotional products may gain a uniquely elegant character thanks to the technology of paper finishing. Paper lamination and varnishing helps to preserve print, while gilding and pressing allow to obtain additional visual and tactile effects.

In the process of paper finishing we can press the inscriptions, decorate paper with brocade, make the selected elements gloss or matte. With the finishing techniques, plain paper changes into an extraordinary means of promotion, and products get unique form, which emphasizes their character.

We offer a wide range of high-quality lamination films and the latest generation UV varnishes including:

  • glossy or matte film
  • velvety film
  • glossy or matte film with pattern
  • structure film for various effects: pearl effect, linen effect, leather effect, dot effect
  • UV varnishes: glossy or matte, brocade, sand effect, fluo effect

We use the most advanced technologies of paper finishing, which guarantee the highest quality and perfect effect.

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